Topics: COVID-19, Academic Programs, Online Education

April 8, 2020

Dear Students:

Ball State University is making sure students don’t put their future on hold. To help our students make progress toward their degrees in these unprecedented and unpredictable times, we will transition all of our Summer 2020 face-to-face classes to virtual teaching and learning. We are announcing this decision now so that our faculty, staff, and students can plan as far ahead as possible.

Thanks to our investment and innovations in online and strategic learning, Ball State is well prepared to offer students a meaningful experience and quality education remotely. The vast majority of all of our Summer courses, about 75%, are already offered online. This transition will affect the remaining 25%. We have a long tradition of providing premier distance education programs. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks our online programs among the best.

Faculty and staff are learning partners, no matter what. We deliver our online programs with the same faculty who teach face-to-face courses on campus, and they are ready to help our students “Fly” further this Summer. Online courses also offer students a cost savings.

I know you may have questions as we make the transition. I ask faculty and staff to be flexible with course enrollments, to think of our offerings from a student-centered perspective, and to make any needed changes to Summer courses no later than April 17.

As we look ahead to Fall, I am gratified to see staff in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions are supporting our incoming freshmen by expanding Ball State’s presence in the virtual environment and continuing to engage prospective and admitted students. They will also adapt Summer Orientation programs to ensure future Cardinals’ safety while providing them with a great start to their time at Ball State.

In closing, I would like to thank two groups. I thank members of the Summer Session 2020 workgroup for their thorough work and recommendations. I would also like to recognize the Division of Online and Strategic Learning, which quickly and effectively supported our faculty as we replaced in-person classes with virtual learning this Spring. Ball State Online continues to provide resources for faculty to strive for excellence in remote teaching and learning, including advice and webinars. Students can also find resources at, where we will continue to post updates.

The COVID-19 threat has created many challenges for our faculty, our staff, and our students. By working together, we can effectively address them and embrace a bright future. We Fly—especially during challenging times.


Susana Rivera-Mills
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ball State University