Topic: Community Engagement

October 28, 2020

Xtern Program participants

A portion of the college students participating in TechPoint’s Xtern program will work for Muncie-area employers while living at Ball State University next summer.

TechPoint’s coveted program, deemed the “ultimate summer internship experience” for the tech sector, is expanding to Muncie next year. More than 2,000 students from 222 universities and 43 states applied to be in the summer 2021 Xtern class.

“I am pleased that these talented students will have the opportunity to work with Muncie area businesses and tech leaders. In doing so, they will acquire valuable skills they will need to become successful in their careers,” said Ball State President Geoffrey S. Mearns. “I am also grateful that these students will be able to experience our vibrant campus as part of this expanded internship program.”

Xtern began in Indianapolis in 2014. The program has consistently broken application records each year. College students from across the country apply for spots in the 10-week, summer internship program that provides access to the city’s tech and civic leaders and paid internships at top tech companies. While some students in the program will work in Indianapolis, where the program is based, a portion of the 2021 Xtern class will be working and living in Muncie.
“We are grateful to be part of this initiative by making our campus available to the next generation of tech professionals. It also continues to strengthen our partnership with our local community,” said Ro-Anne Royer Engle, Ball State’s Vice President for Student Affairs.

The Muncie expansion is a result of the collaborative and creative work by several Muncie leaders. The Ball Brothers Foundation provided funding necessary to initiate local programming, and leaders from Ball State University, the Innovation Connector, the City of Muncie, Shafer Leadership Academy and NextMuncie assisted in organizing and speaking with local employers. First Merchant’s Bank, LEAP Managed IT, Dannar, Accutech Systems, Deltech Solutions, Magna PowerTrain and the City of Muncie are the first employers to agree to hire Muncie-based Xterns.

“Ball State’s leadership role in this initiative is a classic example of what can happen when local organizations collaborate on important ventures,” said Casey Stanley, Vice President at Ontario Systems. “We knew we needed quality housing to make this project work and are grateful Ball State stepped up to assist.”

TechPoint conducted a survey of Xterrn applicants that showed they are eager to participate in the program in Indianapolis and the surrounding region. As a result, the connection to Muncie and Ball State developed.

“We are thrilled to expand Xtern’s positive impact by sharing our talented people and our program’s best practices with Muncie-area employers,” said Mike Langellier, President and Chief Executive Officer of TechPoint.