October 24, 2019

Theatre and Dance students will perform at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 24-26 at the Korsgaard Dance Studio.

Experience lines of literature transformed into dance in “The Marriage of Text and Movement” at 7:30 p.m. October 24-26 at the Korsgaard Dance Studio of Ball Gym, Room 213, on the Ball State University campus.

In an hourlong show produced by the Department of Theatre and Dance, students will translate famous works of text through original dance and movement. The creatives will also perform choreography to poetry authored by students in the cast.

“Text is movement,” said Veronica Santoyo, assistant teaching professor and the performance’s director. “When the text moves, our bodies react and move with it to communicate.”

The movement is not only inspired by the work of well-known authors and student poetry, but also by the individual identities of every person in the production.

“People should attend this show to see the truly honest revelations of each cast member,” said Carly Lucas, junior dance major in the production. “This show is close to each performer’s heart, creating a result that is emotionally raw and powerful.”

Tickets cost $6 and can be purchased at 765-285-8749 or by visiting bsu.edu/theatredance.