• Welcome to Frankenstein's Laboratory A table in the front lobby of Michael Elliott's and Drew Vidal's "Frankenstein" holds jars and canisters of herbal medicine, organs, a viscera clamp and other chilling depictions of the dark side of 18th century medicine.
  • The Known World A map shows the known world in the 18th century. Nautical scales, a sea chest, and medical prints also depict the era.
  • A Heart for Theater A heart is preserved in alcohol and formaldehyde.
  • From the Mind of a Mad Doctor Medical notes written on parchment that was distressed and burned sit near a collection of herbal tinctures.
  • Old Medicine Prints show medical diagrams from the 18th and 19th centuries and have glaring inaccuracies.
  • Surrounded by His Work Colin Hart poses with his display on opening night of "Frankenstein."
  • Welcome to Frankenstein's Laboratory
  • The Known World
  • A Heart for Theater
  • From the Mind of a Mad Doctor
  • Old Medicine
  • Surrounded by His Work

Colin Hart served as "Frankenstein's" dramaturg, which meant diving into databases, medical journals, and other resources to help set the scene for a production about a scientist in the 18th century.

As part of his work, Hart preserved animal organs in formaldehyde and showed medical illustrations, 200-year-old maps, and other items in a Strother Theatre lobby display during the production.

View the photo gallery above to see some of Hart's award-winning work.