The Department of Sociology works hard to create a vibrant and productive learning environment for our students. Led by department chairperson Chadwick Menning, our faculty members are involved in many activities that enhance the department. They assume leadership roles on Ball State’s campus and in professional organizations, win awards and grants for their research, publish their results in respected academic journals, and maintain excellence in teaching while remaining available to their students.

Our Missions

  1. Excellence in training students to engage their sociological imaginations; to develop questions about the social world; to compile and synthesize information about what is already known; to use social science methodologies and tools to collect and interpret data; to make sound judgements based on those interpretations; and to take reasonable action based on those judgements.
  2. Excellence in the discovery of new facts about and new perspectives on the social world, the integration of those findings across disciplines, the application of what is learned in the pursuit of remedying social problems, and the development of effective innovations in teaching.
  3. Excellence in service to the department, college, university, broader community, and discipline by administering organizational processes, developing organizational functions, and producing organizational outcomes with a servant leader mindset.

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