Sociology can be described as “the systematic study of human society and social interaction.” Sociologists study the effects of groups upon individuals, interactions among groups and organizations, and cultural beliefs that direct human behavior within a local and global context. Sociological research involves collecting information about social processes, which is used to test and develop sociological theories.

With a sociology major, you’ll develop practical skills in writing, analytical and critical thinking, problem solving, data analysis, and research methods, highly coveted skills in today’s competitive job market. In addition to these skills, a degree in sociology provides you with a distinctive and valuable perspective: the ability to consider social issues within the context of society as a whole and in relation to complex social systems. For more information about what you can do with a sociology degree, click here

And at Ball State, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in immersive learning experiences, in which students from various majors solve a real-world problem for a business or community partner. For example, sociology majors and other students teamed up to produce The Middletown Theatre Project, a play born of exhaustive research and heartfelt interviews with Muncie residents.

After Ball State, our sociology majors find employment in business, nonprofit, and government organizations. Many students pursue advanced degrees in sociology while others find themselves well prepared for graduate study in social work, counseling, law, and business.