Do you wonder about the big questions in life? The study of philosophy and religion involves asking these big questions about our values and cultures, and how these guide our actions. Here at Ball State's Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, we offer majors and minors that will equip you to think critically about complex issues and cultivate an awareness of the diversity of ideas, arguments, and practices in our world. You'll graduate with a strong skillset applicable to a variety of career fields.


Bachelor of Philosophy

Philosophy Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Ball State’s program in philosophy prepares you to understand the big questions in life and apply them to the real world. You’ll graduate well-prepared for a variety of careers. Learn more.

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Minor in Philosophy

Ball State’s minor in philosophy provides a historical and contemporary overview of the big questions of life. You’ll graduate with a unique skillset suited to a variety of career paths. Learn more.

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Religious Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Whether you wish to learn more about your own religion—or you are simply curious about other traditions or practices—Ball State’s major in religious studies provides an excellent option. Learn more.

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Minor in Religious Studies

An excellent complement to any major, Ball State’s minor in religious studies will help you grasp the basic concepts of religion and culture, both from a historical and contemporary perspective. Learn more.

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Minor in Ethics

Our minor in ethics can complement a career path in science, medicine, business, or any profession. Learn more.