Do you feel a deep-seated commitment or a responsibility to our earth and environment? Does the resultant of the earth’s natural processes and undiscovered natural commodities such as oil, metals, jewels and fossils fascinate you? Do you subscribe to the cause of fresh uncontaminated drinking water? Then welcome to Ball State’s Department of Geological Sciences. Our programs are designed to give you a wide breadth of geological knowledge and analytical skills to prepare you for a variety of careers with excellent job placement. You’ll also have the flexibility to focus on the topics that interest you most—from alternative energy to zircon separation.


Geology Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Our major in geology is designed to prepare you for geological careers in industry (petroleum, mining, and environmental), government agencies (U.S. Geological Survey, Environmental Protection Agency), on continuing on to graduate school. Learn more.

earth space science

Environmental Geoscience Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Our major in environmental geoscience is a less math- and physics-intensive program and is designed to prepare you for the environmental consulting field and state government agencies. Learn more.


Earth/Space Science Education Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

With a teaching major in earth/space science from Ball State, you will play the crucial role of introducing middle- or high-school students to the natural world. Learn more.

minor geology


Do you have your sights set on a career in the hard sciences? Ball State’s minor in geology will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in your field. Learn more.


Environmental Geology

Ball State’s minor in environmental geology focuses on linking geological science with real-world environmental applications. Learn more.


Master's Degree in Geology

Master of Arts or Master of Science

Are you interested in taking your mastery of geology to the next level by becoming a teacher, researcher, or advanced professional in a geology-related field? Ball State’s two master’s degree options in geology will set you up for success. Learn more.


PhD in Environmental Science

Prepare yourself for a successful career in academia, industry, or government—any profession that needs highly qualified professionals trained in science with experience in applying fundamental skills to real environmental problems. Learn more.