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If you are intrigued by the application of geographic information to real-world problems and issues, then picking a minor in geography is an excellent choice. This minor is also a good choice if you want to explore the interrelationships between the individual and various places and cultures.

This minor works well with majors in:

What You Will Learn

In this program, you will learn the basics of physical and social geography. You’ll also get the opportunity to learn more about maps by taking a required cartography course. In your coursework, you will study how geography relates to:

  • economies
  • cultures
  • international conflicts
  • urban conditions
  • populations

Program Requirements

This program consists of 15 credits of coursework in the basics of geography and how it relates to regions, cultures, and global communities.


If you want to learn more about this minor, contact William Price.

Total Credits:15


A few of the classes you will take include:

  • GEOG 120 Economic Geography
  • GEOG 121 Cultural Environment
  • GEOG 150 Global Geography
  • GEOG 240 Map Reading and Graphics
  • GEOG 270 Geography of International Conflict

For a complete list of all courses and their descriptions, please see our Course Catalog.

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Enroll in this Minor

To enroll in this minor, contact your advisor.

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