Your donations allow the Department of Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources to provide extracurricular programs, support for the education of our environmentally aware faculty and students.

Funds You May Give To


The Geology General Fund (accounting No. 03501) supports the day-to-day operations and allows the department to continue providing extracurricular programs to our students such as field trips, travel to professional meetings, student research opportunities and much more.

The Geology Research Fund (accounting No. 03516) supports faculty research in their specialty and interests.

The Geology Scholarships Fund (account No. 03550) provides the department the ability to increase the number of scholarship recipients of the listed departmental scholarships.

The Mark E. Corder Scholarship Fund (account No. 03552) is traditionally a $500 scholarship awarded to an undergraduate geology student who demonstrates financial need and is to be used solely for participation in undergraduate field courses or field research activities.

The department annually schedules the proxy of the Area Concentration Achievement tests for its undergraduate students. The William C. Ade Prize (account No. 03553) is traditionally a $1,000 prize awarded to the undergraduate who participates in the scheduled tests and receives the highest grade within the department. The tests are available to all undergraduate geology students regardless of class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior).

The Dr. Henry Kane Scholarship (account No. 03555) is a $1,000 scholarship awarded to an outstanding junior pursuing a major in the department. The recipient must have at least a GPA of 3.0.

The Harlan Roepke Field Studies Award (account No. 03556) is a $1,000 scholarship awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student(s) participating in a geology field studies program. The recipient is selected by either academic achievement or by financial need, although financial need is not required.

NREM Giving Funds

The Natural Resources General Fund (accounting No. 06201) provides funds for the welfare, administration and advancement of the programs of the department.

The Natural Resources Research Fund (accounting No. 06216) provides funds for research projects within the programs of the department.

The NREM Alumni Society Fund (accounting No. 06204) supports projects, activities and programs as approved and administered by the NREM Alumni Society Board of Directors.
The Soil and Water Conservation Fund (accounting No. 06218) supports activities that expand the understanding of soil and water conservation. Activities included, but not limited to, faculty and student development, scholarship, conference travel, research and advance academic engagement in the soil and water conservation area.
The Natural Resources Scholarship Fund (accounting No. 06250) provides funding for the scholarships awarded to students in the department.
The Clyde W Hibbs Scholarship Fund (accounting No. 06253) provides scholarships to students majoring in the department. 
The Charles O Mortensen Fellowship Fund (accounting No. 06255) supports outstanding students majoring in the department. The fellowship is tuition specific, is renewable for a maximum of two years provided the student meets a minimum 3.0 grade point average.

How to Give

Follow these steps to make a gift online.

  1. Visit the online giving page.
  2. Select "Other" from the drop down menu.
  3. Enter the foundation account name and number (e.g. "Geology Research Fund (No. 03516)").
  4. Enter the gift amount.
  5. Select "Give by card".
  6. Complete all other required fields.
  7. Enter a payment method.
  8. Confirm your gift.

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