Bowen Zhang
Bowen Zhang
Assistant Professor of Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Curriculum Vitae


Room:WQ 105


Ph.D. Auburn University        2016
M.S. Northwest A&F University 2010
B. S. Northwest A&F University 2007

Current Research:

My research interests lie in understanding of the biogeochemical and hydrological cycle within the terrestrial ecosystem, and the exchange of greenhouse gases across the land-atmosphere interface and riverine fluxes across land-ocean interface. I am particularly interested in carbon and nitrogen cycle in response to multiple global changes, including climate, land use and land management practices, and atmospheric composition, in terrestrial ecosystems by using a systems approach, ecosystem modeling, and data-model assimilation at various spatial and temporal scales. My current study mainly focuses on
• Land-atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4 and N2O); 
• Coupled carbon, nitrogen and water cycles in the earth system; 
• Land-coastal linkage and riverine export of carbon and nutrient;
• Assessment of the dynamics of ecosystem function and services in response to multiple global changes in climate, land use and cover patterns, land management practices, and atmospheric composition (e.g., CO2, O3, nitrogen deposition).

Selected Publications:

Zhang B W, Tian H Q, Lu C Q, Chen G S, Pan S F, Anderson C, Poulter B. 2017. Methane emissions from global  wetlands: assessing the uncertainty from wetland extent datasets. Atmospheric Environment. 

Zhang B W, Tian H, Lu C, Dangal S R, Pan S. 2017. Global manure nitrogen production and application in      cropland during 1860–2014: a 5 arc-min gridded global dataset for Earth system modeling. Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 9,  667-678.

Zhang B W, Tian H Q, Ren W, Tao B, Lu C Q, Yang J, Banger K, Pan S F. 2016. Magnitude, spatio-temporal variability and environmental controls of methane emissions from global rice fields: Implications for water management and climate mitigation. Global Biogeochemical Cycle, 30 (9), 1246-1263, doi: 10.1002/2016GB005381 

Tian H Q, Lu C Q, Ciais P, Michalak A, Canadell J, Saikawa E, Huntzinger D, Gurney K, Sitch S, Zhang B W, Yang J, Bousquet P, Bruhwiler L, Chen G S, Dlugokencky E, Fridlingstein P, Melillo J, Pan S F, Poulter B, Prinn R, Saunois M, Schwalm C, Wofsy S. 2016. The terrestrial biosphere as a net source of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Nature, 531, 225-228, doi: 10.1038/nature16946

Tian H Q, Ren W, Yang J, Tao B, Cai W J, Lohrenz S, Hopkinson C, Liu M, Yang Q C, Lu C Q, Zhang B W, Banger K, Pan S F, He R Y, Xue Z. 2015. Climate extremes dominating seasonal and interannual variations in carbon export from the Mississippi River Basin. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 29(9), 1333-1347

Dangal S R, Tian H, Zhang B W, Pan S, Lu C, Yang J. 2017. Methane emission from global livestock sector during 1890‐2014: magnitude, trends and spatio‐temporal patterns. Global Change Biology. doi: 10.1111/gcb.13709
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