Shawn Malone

Shawn Malone

Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences


Room:Ar 109

Ph D.  University of Iowa, Dept. of Geoscience (now Earth and Environmental Sciences).  2012
M. Sc.  University of Florida, Dept. of Geological Sciences.  2007
B Sc.  College of Charleston.  2004

Current research:
My research broadly examines plate tectonic processes over the breadth of Earth history.  I investigate the tectonic evolution of continental lithosphere, particularly processes related to the accretion of terranes as recorded by igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary systems, the tectonic assembly of North America, and the evolution of sedimentary basins as captured by detrital heavy mineral suites.  I utilize accessory mineral phase U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry, as well as traditional whole-rock geochemistry and petrography to investigate these problems.  My expertise focuses on zircon, but I am expanding my tool kit to include other minerals, such as titanite, monazite, rutile and garnet to integrate into comprehensive research projects.
Active project:  Origins and evolution of the Marshfield terrane of west-central Wisconsin as revealed by zircon U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry.
Active project:  Provenance of Borden Group sandstone and siltstone units, eastern Illinois Basin.

Select publications:

Malone, S.J., McClelland, W.C., Gosen, W. von, Piepjohn, K. 2017.  The earliest Neoproterozoic
magmatic record of the Pearya terrane, Canadian High Arctic: Implications for Caledonian terrane reconstructions. Precambrian Research, 292, 323-349.

Malone, S.J., McClelland, W.C., Gosen, W. von, Piepjohn, K. 2014.  Proterozoic evolution of the North Atlantic - Arctic Caledonides: Insights from detrital zircon analysis of metasedimentary rocks from the Pearya terrane, Canadian High Arctic.  Journal of Geology, 122, 623-648.
McClelland, W.C., Malone, S.J., Gosen, W. von, Piepjohn, K. and Läufer, A. 2012. The timing of sinistral displacement of the Pearya Terrane along the Canadian Arctic Margin.  German Journal of Geosciences. v 163, 251-259.

Malone, S.J., Meert, J.G., Banerjee, D.M., Pandit, M.K., Tamrat, E., Kamenov, G.D., Pradhan, V.R., Sohl, L.E., 2008.  Paleomagnetism and detrital zircon geochronology of the upper Vindhyan sequence, Son Valley and Rajasthan, India:  A ca. 1000 Ma closure age for the Purana basins?  Precambrian Research 164, 137-159.

Awards and honors:
University of Iowa, Graduate College and Geoscience STF fellowship, Fall 2012
University of Iowa, Council on Teaching Outstanding Teaching Assistant, 2010-2011
University of Iowa, Samuel Calvin Award (Outstanding Geoscience Ph D. Student), 2010-2011
College of Charleston, Outstanding Student Award in Geology and Environmental Science, 2004
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