Departmental Honors in Anthropology

What is Honors in Anthropology?

Departmental Honors in Anthropology is designed to recognize outstanding majors in the Department of Anthropology. Departmental honors are earned through course work and writing achievements.

Admission to the Honors College is not a requirement for participating in Departmental Honors in Anthropology.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible to apply for the Honors in Anthropology, students must have:

  • Major in Anthropology
  • Junior Standing (Students who have earned 60 credits or more but fewer than 90 credits are juniors)

Requirements to obtain the Honors in Anthropology:

To obtain the Honors in Anthropology, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Earned credit in at least three 300 or 400 level Anthropology courses (with the exception of ANTH 440, 445, 450, 479).
  • Receive a B or better for the course.
  • Have a cumulative GPA in the major that is 3.5 or higher.

How to apply:

Students who are eligible to begin working towards Departmental Honors in Anthropology will:

  • Obtain copies of the “Departmental Honors Registration Form” and the “Departmental Honors Completed Requirement” form from the Department of Anthropology academic advisor John Williams Office: BB 227

  • The “Departmental Honors Registration Form” should be completed and submitted to the Honors College (to Coralee Young, Office: Ball Honors House - BA 204) as soon as the student notifies the Department of Anthropology they are eligible to work towards Departmental Honors.

    Once students have submitted the Honors Registration Form, they will determine eligible courses they would like to use. The three courses do not need to be completed in the same semester.

  • Students will notify instructors at the beginning of the term that they are working for Departmental Honors in Anthropology.

  • The student and the instructor will determine the type and quality of academic work the student must complete to supplement the required course material and earn credit for Departmental Honors in Anthropology. In the past, students have used a term research paper, a formal report for a completed internship, or an academic poster or paper presented at an academic conference, or displayed in the Department of Anthropology for a course to meet the research and writing requirement.

  • The student will receive a final grade of a B or better in each of the three courses they have designated for Departmental Honors in Anthropology.

Preparing for Graduation

Once a student successfully completes three courses and earns a B or better, they will submit all completed paperwork to the Anthropology Academic Advisor. The advisor then will submit the paperwork to the Department Chair for final review.

**Please note that all course work must be completed by the end of the term or by the grades due date.

After the final review, Department will submit all paperwork to the Honors College. Once the Honors College has received all completed paperwork from the student, they will ensure the student’s achievement is noted in the BSU commencement program and on the student’s BSU transcript.

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