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CAP: INDY Connector (College of Architecture and Planning: Indianapolis) is an extension of the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University in nearby Muncie, Indiana. The connector draws from the rich interdisciplinary nature of the college programs in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, historic preservation, and urban design. Combining this richness with the urban context offered by Indianapolis, the center affords the college a unique opportunity to help shape not only future professionals, but also the future of Indiana's capital and largest city.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for recovering and redefining the experience of urban places, in order to build living cities, models for sustainable urban life. This mission implies dedication to social and ecological responsibility, to partnership, and to preservation, planning, and design. It will be accomplished through the combined interdisciplinary knowledge and actions of academia, professional practitioners, and the community.

Urban Laboratory
Following through with our mission, we conduct a wide-range of academic programs in our connector space, including serving as the home for the college's master of urban design program. We also offer an immersive graduate assistantship program that pairs students with firms and organizations to gain hands-on experience while pursuing their studies. We also provide immersive learning opportunities for on-campus students and provide support for Indianapolis-based student design and thesis projects.

Community Resource
Another important part of what we do at the connector is giving back to the community. Through service-based learning, we provide design, planning, and visioning support to neighborhoods and other community organizations in the Indianapolis area. We are working on several projects that involve our students, communities, and community leaders.

Design Advocate
We believe that innovative design and planning is critical to maintaining a viable, competitive region, and we strive to support initiatives, learning opportunities, and partnerships that promote the quality of life in central Indiana.