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Diversity This Week Dec 2-9, 2018

Diversity This Week, Nov 11-18. 2018

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View the 100 Years of Diversity. 

We know as a community we are “Better Together”.  Find out why we hope you will join the United Way campaign Here, here, here, here, and here.

Outstanding Diversity Advocate Awardgiven in recognition of demonstrated excellence by a faculty member in championing and facilitating inclusive excellence. The award is given on the basis of continuous and cumulative achievement at Ball State over a minimum of five years.  Please consider nominating colleagues who have made a significant impact on the students, their fields, the university, and/or the community at large. The college dean will send all approved nominations to the Office of the Associate Provost.

The deadline for all nominations is Friday, January 25, 2019. Use this link to learn more
Past Diversity Advocate Award winners are listed below.

2009 Maria Williams-Hawkins
2010 Charlene Alexander
2011 Wilfridah (Winnie) Mucherah
2012 Linh Nguyen Littleford
2013 Beth Messner
2014 David Concepción
2015 Olon Dotson
2016 Eva Zygmunt
2017 Jagdish Khubchandani
2018 Maria Hernandez Finch

Diversity Programming for Fall 2018

As Interim Associate Vice President of Diversity, I am pleased and honored to be able to serve the Ball State and Muncie community.  Of course, I cannot do this work alone. President Mearns has called on each of us to do the work of creating an inclusive culture here at Ball State University. Creating this inclusive culture begins with the daily efforts to build positive relationships and continues in our efforts to build inclusive practices, curricula, and communities. Thank you to everyone who has been and continues to be part of this effort. Also, welcome to new members of this community who have recently joined in the cause.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions, ideas, insights, or concerns.  Our goal is to play a role in helping each of us build our diverse and inclusive community.

M. Messineo
Melinda Messineo
Interim Associate Vice President for Diversity
and Interim Director of the Office of Institutional Diversity

Ball State received the 2018 HEED Award, the only national honor recognizing U.S. colleges and universities that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion across their campuses..  Read more here

HEED 2016 HEED 2017       HEED 2018HEED Spanish

Inclusive Event Guide

Featured Diversity Scholarship

Posting Vacancies for Diversity
Please review the job posting websites to promote diversity in hiring.

National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity         


National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity


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 Ball State Program to Receive AACTE Multicultural Award Read more Here

Ball State University 

Statement on the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion 

Ball State University aspires to be a university that attracts and retains a diverse faculty, staff, and student body.  Ball State is committed to ensuring that all members of the campus community are welcome through our practice of valuing the varied experiences and worldviews of those we serve.  We promote a culture of respect and civil discourse as evident in our Beneficence Pledge

At Ball State, diversity is an integral part of our identity.  Our success depends on our efforts to cultivate inclusivity within our pedagogical, scholarly, and creative pursuits.  Community is an     inherent and crucial aspect of such efforts at local, national and international levels.  As we recruit and retain a diverse administration, faculty/staff and student body, we strive to ensure that our students are prepared to engage and succeed in increasingly diverse environments.  Our recruitment efforts will continue to include historically underrepresented populations to create the cultural milieu that promotes participation by all.  

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence by being inclusive of individuals without regard to race, religion, color, sex (except where sex is a bona fide qualification), sexual orientation, gender identity/gender expression, physical or mental disability, national origin, ancestry, or age.  Ball State will be a place recognized for its positive climate—one where all stakeholders know that their contributions to the mission of the university are essential to our success.

Ball State University is committed to:

  • creating innovative courses, programs, and practices that attract, retain, and nurture a diverse university community
  • fostering a university environment that enables all who contribute to excel in a culture that is growing ever more diverse

Whereas other initiatives focus on particular aspects of diversity, our equal opportunity and affirmative action policies use a broad definition of diversity referring to race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, national origin, ancestry, age, and citizenship. 

The Office of Institutional Diversity is not only committed to diversity programming for students; it also support several faculty development programs as well. The Diversity Associates Program, the Developing Pedagogies to Enhance Excellence Seminar, and the Diversity Seminars are three programs that encourage faculty to explore the relevance of diversity in all classes.

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To Report a Concern Regarding Diversity or Inclusion at Ball State University, Please Contact the Bias Response Team.

For more information regarding diversity efforts on Ball State University's campus, please view the Diversity Asset Inventory, provided in collaboration by the Office of Institutional Diversity and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.