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What to Consider When Making Decisions Sponsor: Learning and Development
Prerequisite:   None
We are making decisions every single day, they shape our lives. The skill of making decisions is fundamental if you want to get somewhere in life and have you feel that you live a life worth of who you are and what you are meant to do. Some of us are better at it while others struggle with it and some always let others make the decisions. Some decisions are easier to make, others take some consideration and time. Generally spoken there is no wrong or right way to make decisions but we can all learn to become better at it. During this workshop we will take a look at different topics that influence our decision making abilities, what might get in the way for you to make certain decisions and questions to consider if you want to make decisions that count and make a difference. Your presenter, Isabel Hundt, will introduce a simple system that will support you with making decisions in more difficult situations. Through interactive discussions and powerful, fun and simple exercises will you be able to distinguish where you can become even better at making decisions.

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