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 General Interest Sessions
Creating Successful Relationships Everywhere Sponsor: Learning and Development
Prerequisite:   None
Under the umbrella of “relationship” we will take a deeper look at your relationships to some significant areas in your life, as for example your relationship to diversity, communication, others but the most important, the relationship with yourself that writes and creates your life story. Everything we do is based on relationships and often we are not aware that an underlying pattern exists in how we do one relationship is how we do them all. In discovering those patterns it will give you an amazing awareness of who you want to be and create an exciting level of transformation in your personal life and within a group/ work environment. Throughout the workshop we will discuss the importance of personal development to create the relationships that serve you, your team and your community. This interactive, empowering and energy packed workshop will give you a new perspective on what it means to live an abundant life of successful relationships.

There are no sessions currently being offered for this course.

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