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Memory Power Sponsor: Learning and Development
Prerequisite:   None
Jamie Nast (author of “Idea Mapping”) will host an interactive session on Memory. What you believe about your ability to remember, impacts your ability to remember and ultimately impacts your ability to gain knowledge and learn new skills. Have you ever been taught how to remember? If you’re like most people the answer is “NO”. Would improving your memory add value to your work and life? Of course it would! The purpose of this workshop is to teach you how to effectively gain and retain knowledge, improve productivity and focus, and increase your ability to learn more efficiently through improved memory skills. Throughout this 3-Hour workshop, you will: • Remember a list of 10 items in order • Remember a different list of 20 items in order • Learn to Memorize a deck of 52 cards • Improve your ability to remember names & faces • Learn to count to 100 in Chinese • Discuss business/learning applications for using these memory techniques

There are no sessions currently being offered for this course.

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