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 Instructional Technology
Using Rubrics in Blackboard Sponsor: iLearn
Prerequisite:   None
Blackboard has a built-in feature that allows the creation and use of grading rubrics. Some benefits of grading rubrics are: 1.Provide a consistent and objective assessment of a students work; 2.Convey assignment expectations to students; 3.Help students organize their input on an assignment; 4.Allow instructors a “click and score” workflow that may offer a time saving while grading; and 5.Provide students detailed feedback on where their work needs improvement. This 1 ½ hour workshop will introduce you to how rubrics work in the Blackboard environment. You will learn how to create and/or modify rubrics, attach them to an assignment, and use them during grading.

There are no sessions currently being offered for this course.

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