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 EIL Phase 1
Leading Without A Title Sponsor: Excellence in Leadership
Prerequisite:   None
Leadership does not always emanate from title or position. Leaders who do not know how to lead quickly find themselves without followers, while "followers" who understand how to influence and connect with others quickly find themselves leaders. This session will explore how to lead an organization without a formal position. Presented by John Kaufeld John Kaufeld defies rational explanation, but that's a good thing. As a BSU undergrad, he once rattled every window in Bracken Library with a giant firecracker built as a class project (but don't get too excited - they don't teach that class any more). His career spans jobs ranging from radio news anchor to PC support tech, communications manager to marketing director, master trainer to freelance author, and geek to, um, geek, because some things never change. John's 25+ books in the popular "...For Dummies" series sold over 2.8 million copies around the world, officially earning him "best-selling author" status. He's an avid evangelist for European board games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Agricola, Puerto Rico, and Slide 5. You can usually find John at Gen Con Indy and other game conventions around the country. Despite everything, he still believes he can change the world. So there.

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