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 EIL Phase 1
Finding Your Passion Sponsor: Excellence in Leadership
Prerequisite:   None
Perfected passion produces prosperity. Mr. Odell Bizzell will help you figure out your “thing” in life so you will be better equipped to become massively successful economically, spiritually, physically, and personally. The most successful people in history both current and past became successful because they discovered their passion. ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Odell Bizzell started his entrepreneurial endeavors at age 14 with a candy business in high school that made him about $50,000 by graduation. At 19 with the help of his mentor he was able to purchase a barbershop, 30 vending machines, and invest in the stock market. All seemed to go well for Odell until…..he got the big head and he fell astray. Just as quickly as Odell rose to the top he fell from grace and ended up broke 3 months before he graduated from college! Humbled by his fall and with a young wife to support Odell got a job as a detention officer at Guilford County Jail. Through his trials he was able to write 3 books, begin speaking his message of financial literacy to the youth of America with his company Young Mogul Enterprises, and now spends the majority of his time focusing on building a following of young people all over the country to become entrepreneurs and financially free adults!

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