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 EIL Phase 1
Body Language Sponsor: Excellence in Leadership
Prerequisite:   None
ABOUT THE SESSION: In this workshop, we will use multiple scenarios of improvisational role-playing coupled with manipulations of eye contact, personal space, arms, heads, etc. in order to allow participants to feel the effects of body language on emotional content for both the speaker and the listener. We will also lead participants through mirroring exercises which allow them to not only fully focus on the body language of another person, but also illustrate to them what their body is showing to someone else. We will further discuss common body language communications and miscommunications, and will finish with further role-playing and problem solving scenarios, allowing the participants the opportunity to explore the practical application of their knowledge of body language. SESSION OUTLINE: • Learn about the importance of nonverbal communication • Identify nonverbal emotional “tells” • Examine ways to improve your own body language • Participate in interactive body language exercises • Learn about the importance of nonverbal communication ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Comedy Sportz is an improvisation company which specializes in entertainment and education. Their staff of trained comedians know how to make an informational workshop interesting and exciting. EIL participants consistently rank them as a favorite!

There are no sessions currently being offered for this course.

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