Several of the often asked campaign questions are listed. For all others, please call 765-285-1187.

Q:  May I use payroll deduction to make a single lump-sum donation?
A:  No.  The purpose of payroll deduction is to break the donation into payments over an extended period of time.  If you would like to make a lump-sum donation, please pay with cash or a personal check/money order made payable to United Way of Delaware County and submit it with your pledge card. United Way payroll deduction is a voluntary after tax deduction.

Q: How does payroll deduction work?
A: Complete the Payroll Deduction card included in your packet and return it to your team captain along with your pledge card. If you don't know your employee ID, you may use your social security number. All records are kept confidential. Since the United Way campaign officially ends each year in November, the amount pledged will start being taken out of the January pay period. The deductions will be taken until the pledged amount has been met. 

Total payroll deductions will be reflected in each paystub between January and December 2018.

Q: What should I do if I want to make a donation in the current year for tax purposes?
A:  For tax credit on your 2017 tax returns, please pay with cash or a personal check/money order made payable to United Way of Delaware County and submit it with your pledge card prior to the end of the calendar year.

Q: I lost my pledge card and payroll deduction card. May I request another set?
A:  Yes, you may and here are your four options: 

  1. Call 285-1187 and request another set be sent to you through campus mail.
  2. Stop by University Human Resource Services in AD 350 and pick up another set.
  3. Go to the BSU United Way web page, may complete your pledge card online.
  4. If you’ve lost the payroll deduction card, it’s available online.Print it, complete the form, and mail it to University Human Resource Services in AD 350.

Q: How can I find out how much I’ve donated to date through payroll deduction for tax purposes?
A:  The total deduction to date is available on your pay stub.

Q: How can I find out how much I pledged last year?
A:       1.  It's always a good idea to make a copy of the pledge card and check if you pay by check or
                cash to keep for your records.
           2.  Look on your last pay stub from the previous year if you use payroll
                deduction or go to the Payroll and Employee Benefits web page
        and then click on the Self Serve Banner
                 (SSB) link and log in.

Q: Am I required to participate in this campaign?
A:  No. The university is pleased to continue the tradition of offering employees the option to give to charitable organizations of their choice and acknowledges that giving is strictly on a voluntary basis. 

Q: If I decide not to participate this year, do I need to return my pledge card?
A:  No, if you choose not to participate, there’s no need to return the pledge card. However, returned unused cards are appreciated for others to use.

Q: How do I cancel my pledge?
A:  Stop by University Human Resource Services, AD-350 and pick up a new pledge card.  Print your name and BSU ID number at the top. Sign and date the card and initial the line at the bottom of the form where it reads: “To stop an authorization …”   Drop the form off at Payroll and Employee Benefits, AD G29.

Q: What are the criteria for a department to be eligible to win a pizza party from Ball State University Dining?
A:  Every department that has 100% participation (everyone in the department has made a donation) by the end of the campaign, November 30, is eligible to be entered into the drawing to win a pizza party from Ball State University Dining. The winning department will be treated to an 8” personal size cheese, pepperoni, or sausage pizza for each person in the department, tossed garden salad with assorted dressings, dressing, and one 20 oz. bottle of beverage. The winning department will be announced after the campaign ends and all pledge cards are returned to University Human Resource Services.

Q: What is Delaware County United Way’s Tax Receipt policy?
A: UWDC will send a tax receipt to individuals for cash amount received during a calendar year. All other receipts will be sent upon request. To request acknowledgment, please check the box on the back of the blue pledge card. UWDC will mail your acknowledgement to the address you have indicated on the front of the blue pledge card. Please note that United Way cannot send receipts to those who utilize payroll deduction. The employee who uses payroll deduction can use his or her payroll pay stub as a receipt of payment and for tax purposes.

For more information, please contact the Delaware County United Way office at 765-288-5586.