Frequently Asked Questions – United Way/Ball State Day of Action

Every year, United Way of Delaware County sponsors a Day of Action for volunteers to make a meaningful impact in the community. This year, in concert with his installation celebration, President Mearns is inviting the Ball State University community to work on service projects around Delaware County throughout the day on Thursday, September 7, 2017. In keeping with university policy, employees are permitted to perform outside service activities on university time as long as the outside service activity does not constitute a conflict of interest and is for a governmental entity or not-for-profit organization. Please remember, outside service activities must be preapproved by the employee’s supervisor. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the employee to keep a record of the time spent on outside services activities, as well as the supervisor’s responsibility to oversee the employee’s record-keeping and to ensure that such records are maintained for audit purposes.

Listed below are some helpful frequently asked questions and responses regarding participation in the Day of Action.

  1. Who can volunteer?
    Faculty, Professional, Service and Staff employees may elect to participate in the Day of Action.
  2. Will I be paid for the time?
    Yes.  You will be paid for the time you normally would have been scheduled to work.
  3. Where can I volunteer?
    There are opportunities to volunteer on campus or off campus through the United Way.  Contact the Office of Community Engagement for more information. 
  4. How do I request to volunteer?
    Employees must obtain preapproval from their supervisor and include the time/hours for which they are volunteering.  The request and approval must be in writing (email is ok) and the supervisor should retain the document in their payroll audit files. 

    Once you receive your supervisor’s approval, please complete the Interest Form.  You will receive an email with a link to officially register and select your project preferences.

  5. Must my supervisor approve my request?
    Supervisors are encouraged to allow employees to participate.  However, the supervisor must ensure that there is appropriate staffing to meet the needs of the organization.  Employees have the opportunity to volunteer for one hour, half day or a full day.  If your supervisor cannot approve a full day, you should see if you can volunteer for a shorter period of time.
  6. How do I report the time spent volunteering?
    If you are non-exempt (hourly paid), submit a Kronos Adjustment Form to your supervisor requesting that the in/out punches be added to your time card. In the explanation portion of the form, indicate the times and date you were volunteering for the Day of Action. Your supervisor should enter the in/out punches in Kronos for the time that you spent volunteering. The supervisor should add a comment that you were performing volunteer services for the United Way/Ball State Day of Action. 

    Exempt employees (salaried) only report exception time in Kronos. You will not add this time in Kronos. However, you should retain a copy of your supervisor’s approval to participate in the Day of Action.

  7. If I am the supervisor, what documentation do I need to keep?
    Please keep a copy of the employee’s request to participate in the Day of Action along with your approval of the request.  If your employee submitted a Kronos Adjustment Form, please keep this document for three years.

    If you have questions regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact the Office of Community Engagement.  For information regarding Ball State University volunteer activities and related record keeping policies, please contact Kate Stoss in Human Resources.