BSU United Way Campaign Coordinator:
Marta Stephens, University Human Resource Services

2017 United Way Campaign Chair
Mary Kite, Department of Psychological Science

BSU United Way Steering Committee

2017 Team Captains: 

Academic Advising - Kara Duquette
Academic Systems - Kara Duquette
Accounting - Mark Myring
Accounting Office - Zack Mickler
Advancement Services - Mitchell Gauger
Alumni Center - Mitchell Gauger
Alumni Programs - Mitchell Gauger
Anthony Apartments - George Edwards
Anthropology - Jennifer Wies
Architecture - (see CAP)
Associate Provost & Dean University College - Kara Duquette
Associate VP for Bus Affairs & Aux Services - Linda Faughnder
Athletic Business Services - Pat Quinn
Athletic Rehabilitation - Pat Quinn
Athletic Strength and Conditioning – Pat Quinn
Athletic Training – Pat Quinn
Athletics Communications - Pat Quinn
AVP for Student Affairs & Director of Student Life - Courtney Hawkins
Ball State University Dining - Rod Brooks
Baseball - Pat Quinn
Basketball-Men's - Pat Quinn
Basketball-Women's - Pat Quinn
Biology - Patricia Kleeberg
Bookmark Café© - Rod Brooks
BSU Foundation – Mitchell Gauger
Building Better Communities - Lisa Garner
Burris Laboratory School – Renee Huffman
Bursar & Loan Administration - Judy Merritt
CAP – Pamela Harwood
Career Center - Kyndra Haggard
CCIM Deans Office - Jahma Gray
Center for Business & Economic Research - Delana Ulmer
Center for Energy Research Education & Service - (See CAP)
Center for Info & Communication Sciences - Dennis Trinkle
Center for International Development - Stephanie Wilson
Center for Middletown Studies - Bruce Geelhoed
Center for Professional Selling - Ramon Avila
Central Mailing - Roger Hassenzahl
Central Stores – Roger Hassenzahl
CFA Deans Office – Caroline Hand
Charter Schools - Anita Welch and Lynn Shipley
Chemistry - Scott Pattison
College of Health, Dean’s Office – Hollie Crowley
Communication Studies - Peggy Fisher
Computer Science - Sam Hsieh
Conferences & Special Events – Kristi Chambers
Construction, Management, and Interior Design - Terek Mahfouz
Counseling & Health Services – Donna Koger
Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology and Counseling - Jacob Chan
Criminal Justice & Criminology – Kristi Royal
CSH Deans Office -  Clare Chatot
Dehority Halls - George Edwards
Digital Corp - Marchal Hudson
Disability Services - Courtney Hawkins
District Energy Station North - Brian Scott
Division of Online Distance Education - Cathy Cunningham
E. B. & Bertha C. Ball Center - Lisa Garner
ECI-SBO - Lisa Garner
Economics – Delana Ulmer
Educational Leadership – Michael Shaffer
Educational Psychology – Jerrell Cassady
Educational Studies - Denise Harris
Elementary Education - Kizmin Jones
Elliott Dining - Rod Brooks
Elliott Halls - George Edwards
Emens Auditorium – Kristi Chambers
Employee Relations - Linda Faughnder
English - Melissa Hull
Facilities Operations - Brian Scott
Facilities Planning & Management (All personnel) - Brian Scott
Field Hockey – Pat Quinn
Finance & Insurance - Stephen Avila
Finance Office - Linda Faughnder
Financial Info Systems & Technology - Zack Mickler
Fisher Institute of Health and Well-Being - Henry Wang
Football - Pat Quinn
Geography - Kevin Tercotte
Geological Sciences – Shawn Malone
Golf/Men – Pat Quinn
Golf/Women - Pat Quinn
Graduate School - Stephanie Wilson
Health Alcohol & Drug Education – Donna Koger
Health Enhancement – Laura Becker
Heat Plant (All personnel) - Brian Scott
History - Bruce Geelhoed
Honors College - Coralee Young
Housing & Residence Life Office - George Edwards
Human Performance Lab - Henry Wang
iLearn – Cathy Cunningham
Indiana Academy - Aaron Lake
Indiana Communities – Carla Earhart
Indiana Public Radio - Angela Rapp
Indy Center - Lisa Garner
Information Systems & Operations Mgt. - John Ledbetter
Information Technology Services – Marchal Hudson
Institute of Digital Intermedia Arts – Marchal Hudson
Institutional Diversity - Kara Duquette
Institutional Effectiveness - Kara Duquette
Intensive English Institute - Kara Duquette
Intercollegiate Athletics Ops - Pat Quinn
Internal Audit and Advisory Service – Joey Narramore
International Programs - Lana Wright
Jamba Juice - Rod Brooks
Johnson Halls - George Edwards
Journalism - Michael Hanley
Kinghorn Hall - George Edwards
LaFollette Dining - Rod Brooks
LaFollette Halls - George Edwards
Management - Carla Earhart
Marketing  - Ramon Avila
Marketing and Communications – Art Hill
Mathematical Sciences - Jerry Woodward
MCOB Deans Office – Jennifer Haney
MCOB MBA and Certificate Program – Jennifer Haney
MCOB Student Services – Jennifer Haney
Medical Education - Ila Verneman
Midwest Entrepreneurial Educational Center - Ramon Avila
Military Science – Krista Hayes
Modern Languages & Classics - Chris Shea
Multicultural Center - Courtney Hawkins
Museum of Art – Rachel Buckmaster
Natural Resources & Environmental Management - John Pichtel
Noyer Dining - Rod Brooks
Noyer Halls - George Edwards
Nutrition & Health Science – Carol Friesen
Office of Admissions - Chris Sherck
Office of Community Engagement - Lisa Garner
Office of Educational Excellence - Trenda Whiteman
Office of Entrepreneurial Learning – Kara Duquette
Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships - John McPherson
Office of General Counsel - Joey Narramore
Office of Orientation – Chris Sherck
Office of Registrar - Nancy Cronk
Office of the President - Joey Narramore
Office of University Controller - Zack Mickler
Park Hall - George Edwards
Payroll & Employee Benefits – Laura Becker
Philosophy & Religious Studies - Annmarie Adams
Photo Services – Art Hill
Physics & Astronomy - Ranjith Wijesinghe
Physiology & Health Science – Patricia Kleeburg
Political Science - Stephanie Painter
Printing Services – Roger Hassenzahl
Pruis Hall – Kristi Chambers
Psychological Science - David Perkins
Public Safety - Wendy Gable
Purchasing Services - Roger Hassenzahl
Recreation Services - Dan Byrnes
Research Integrity – Stephanie Wilson
Risk Management & Insurance – Linda Faughnder
Scheidler Apartments - George Edwards
Schnatter Institute for Entrepreneurship - Carla Earhart
School of Art - Scott Anderson
School of Kinesiology - Henry Wang
School of Music – Caroline Hand
School of Nursing – Connie McIntosh
Soccer/Women – Pat Quinn
Social Science Research Center - Ann Brown
Social Work - Ann Brown
Sociology – Chad Menning
Softball – Pat Quinn
Special Education - David McIntosh
Speech Pathology & Audiology - Mary Jo Germani
Sponsored Projects Administration - Matthew Moore
Sports Facilities Management - Dan Byrnes
Studebaker East Halls - George Edwards
Studebaker West Halls - George Edwards
Student Center - Charlie Scofield
Student Center Guest Housing - Charlie Scofield
Student Center Recreations - Charlie Scofield
Student Center Tally Food Court - Rod Brooks
Student Legal Services - Courtney Hawkins
Student Programs - Charlie Scofield
Student Rights & Community Standards - Tammy Neal
Swimming/Men – Pat Quinn
Swimming/Women – Pat Quinn
System Technology – Tammy Neal
Teacher Education Services - Anita Welch and Lynn Shipley
Teachers College Deans Office - Anita Welch and Lynn Shipley
Teachers College Undergraduate Advising – Anita Welch and Lynn Shipley
Telecommunications - Tim Pollard
Telephone Services – Marchal Hudson
Tennis/Women – Pat Quinn
The Atrium - Rod Brooks
Theatre & Dance - Kerry Chipman
Track/Women – Pat Quinn
Unified Media - Marchal Hudson
Unified Technology Support - Marchal Hudson
University Apartments Office - George Edwards
University Catering - Rod Brooks
University College - Kara Duquette
University Development - Mitchell Gauger
University Human Resource Services - Marta Stephens
University Libraries - Shanda Williams
University Libraries Instruction Mat - Shanda Williams
University Media Services Administration – Angela Rapp
University Media Services –Angela Repp
Vehicle Facilities - Brian Scott (Facilities Planning and Management personnel)
Vehicle Facilities - Wendy Gable (Department of Public Safety personnel)
Virginia Ball Center for Creative Inq. - Kara Duquette
Volleyball-Men's - Pat Quinn
Volleyball-Women's - Pat Quinn
VP for Academic Affairs/Provost - Kara Duquette
VP for Business Affairs/Treasurer - Linda Faughnder
VP for Government Relations - Lisa Garner
VP for Information Technology – Marchal Hudson
VP for Student Affairs Enrollment Services - Tammy Neal
Wagoner Halls - George Edwards
WIPB - Angela Rapp
Women and Gender Studies – Clare Chatot
Woodworth Dining - Rod Brooks
Woodworth Halls - George Edwards
Writing Proficiency Program – Kara Duquette