October 16, 2017

Ball State University is partnering with Old National Bank to bring public opinion to the forefront through the annual Hoosier Survey.

The Hoosier Survey has been conducted annually by the Bowen Center for Public Affairs since 2008. The nonpartisan public policy survey provides Indiana policymakers, citizens and news media with a measure of public opinion on current issues facing our state and nation.

“We appreciate the support provided by the sponsorship and welcome the opportunity to partner with an institution as well known and well respected as Old National Bank,” said Charles “Chip” Taylor, Bowen Center director and a Ball State political science professor

“Old National is honored to partner with the Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State University,” said Old National Chairman and CEO Bob Jones. “Discovering more about issues important to the citizens of our great state helps drive economic and community development, which benefits all Hoosier families and businesses.”

The results of the survey are delivered to every member of the Indiana General Assembly and top administration officials before the start of the legislative session so that policymakers can gauge public views about issues likely to be addressed. Survey results are frequently reported in the news media, stimulating public discussion.

This 10th annual survey will ask Indiana citizens about their top priorities for their local communities and the quality of key local government services. The survey should be release in late October/early November, Taylor said.

The Bowen Center contracted with the Princeton Survey Research Associates to poll 600 adults.

Survey participants will be asked about top-level public officials (including Gov. Eric Holcomb and President Donald Trump), Sunday alcohol sales, hate crimes legislation, the recently enacted gas tax increase and several other issues.

Founded in 2007, the Bowen Center for Public Affairs honors the legacy of Dr. Otis R. Bowen, the 44th governor of Indiana and secretary of Health and Human Services under President Ronald Reagan. The mission of the Bowen Center is to advance the ideals of civic literacy, community involvement and public service embodied by Dr. Bowen’s career.