Topics: Administrative, Teachers College

November 2, 2011

Ball State University has entered into an agreement with Indiana University that will allow students who have earned a master of science (MS) degree in adult education from the IU program in Indianapolis to transfer up to 30 credit hours toward a doctor of education (EdD) degree in adult, higher and community education from Ball State.

"This partnership is about putting students first, and we're excited to be able to afford high-achieving students a unique opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree from one of the leading teacher-preparation schools in the nation," said John Jacobson, dean of Ball State Teachers College.

The partnership, effective spring 2012, was announced during a reception at the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) conference at the Ball State Indianapolis Center Nov. 2.

"This agreement provides students an opportunity to seamlessly use their graduate course work at one university and continue their professional preparation at the highest level at another," said Daniel Callison, dean of IU School of Continuing Studies. "It will provide another exceptional option for students in our distance programs to secure the credentials now in high demand for instruction and research in the growing field of adult studies."

Ball State's doctoral program in adult, higher and community education prepares students for a career in education, government, industry and nonprofits.

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