Topics: Indianapolis Center, Sustainability/Environment

July 3, 2008

In a continued effort to go green, Ball State's Purchasing Office has awarded a multifunctional printer to the Indianapolis Center as part of a recent give-away contest.

The drawing for the winner was held June 2. The contest was open to all departments in the university community, and more than 80 entries were received.

The entry for the Indianapolis Center was submitted by intern Melody Duncan, who said the device - a fax, scanner, copier and printer all in one - would serve as the latest green initiative for the department.

"This printer would reduce the number of machines needed to produce materials within our department, reducing energy used and freeing our limited amount of office space for more efficient use," Duncan said.

The contest was a tie-in to a May 13 training and development session led by employees from the purchasing office in Bracken Library. Forty Ball State personnel attended the session, which covered topics such as the change in business applications and green initiatives.