Topic: College of Architecture and Planning

November 5, 2008

Engineering and geospatial software provider Intergraph Corp. has donated 500 copies of its GeoMedia Professional to Ball State. The total value of the software is $4.2 million.

"GeoMedia Pro gives students a resource to learn a technology that's becoming increasingly prevalent," said David Schoen, interim chair of the Department of Urban Planning, "They can hit the ground running in the job market."

GeoMedia Pro is designed for the collection and maintenance of geographic information systems (GIS) data. Schoen describes the software as a spatially organized database that can be used to identify patterns on the earth and assist urban planners, and other professionals, to better allocate resources necessary to support our population.

GIS software is used in a variety of professions including urban planning, geology, biology, political science and marketing.

Intergraph Corp. is a leading vendor of spatial information management software. Ball State received a $4.7 million grant from Intergraph in 2003 for GIS software. The current gift stems from the previous relationship and an educational grant program at Intergraph.

The software may be accessed by any current Ball State student or faculty member using university equipment. Intergraph Corp. additionally donated 30 licenses for students that may be installed on their laptops. The university has the option to request more licenses at any time.

By Hillary Tribbett