Topic: Administrative

May 14, 2007

Ball State's Board of Trustees has approved tuition and fee rates for the next two years and a 2007-08 budget that includes funding for strategic plan initiatives as well as salary increases for employees.

The $279 million budget was reviewed by the university's Board of Trustees during a May 14 meeting on campus and reflects a 2.8 percent increase in state appropriations, a 4.9 percent increase in student fees and an average 4 percent raise for employees.

Ball State President Jo Ann M. Gora said the new budget taking effect July 1 will allow the university to continue to be affordable while maintaining funding for many of its educational priorities.

"Committing to a college education is one of the most important investments anyone can make, and we strive to keep tuition and fees at the lowest levels with the objective of maintaining student access while providing a quality educational experience," she said. "The quality of that experience should be the finest available, and our goal is to ensure that Ball State gives our students the return on their investment that they deserve."

The president also pointed out that it is one of her administration's top priorities to increase the wages and salaries of faculty members and staff in order to help attract and retain high-level personnel.

"Providing competitive salaries and benefits for our faculty members is critical to Ball State's long-term success and is an important part of our strategic plan," Gora said. "High-achieving students expect access to top-flight professors both in and out of the classroom, and we'll continue to find ways to ensure that our students are learning and interacting with the best."

All told, the university's new budget directs at least $3.5 million to key components of the strategic plan, including raising international enrollment; increasing library holdings; heightening Ball State's profile with the Indianapolis Center; improving gender equity within the athletics program; and raising admissions standards.

During the meeting, the board approved student fee increases for the academic years 2007-08 and 2008-09 as well as for the five- and 10-week summer terms in 2009. Ball State administrators received public input on the new fees during an open hearing May 10.

Tuition for in-state students will rise by 4.9 percent in each of the next two years. For Indiana residents who enrolled before summer 2003, tuition will be $2,734 per semester for 2007-08 and $2,868 per semester for 2008-09, increases of $129 and $134, respectively, from current levels.

Tuition for in-state students enrolled after summer 2003 will be $3,336 per semester for 2007-08 and $3,500 per semester for 2008-09, increases of $156 and $164, respectively.

Tuition for non-Indiana students will increase by 6 percent annually during the same two-year period. Out-of-state students enrolled before summer 2003 would pay $8,236 per semester for 2007-08 and $8,730 per semester for 2008-09, up $466 and $494, respectively.

Fees for out-of-state students enrolled after summer 2003 would be $8,870 per semester for 2007-08 and $9,402 per semester for 2008-09, increases of $502 and $532.

In the summer of 2009, in-state students will pay $3,640 per semester, which is a 4 percent increase, and out-of-state students will pay $9,966 per semester, which is a 6 percent increase.

In other business, the trustees approved:

  • tenure for 31 faculty members, nine promotions from associate professor to professor and 16 promotions from assistant professor to associate professor.
  • renewal of the university's employment health care plan, group life accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and long-term and short-term insurance plans.
  • an agreement with the Ball State University Foundation for management of gifts to the university.