Topics: Immersive Learning, Speakers, Emerging Media

January 4, 2007

Ball State's Institute of Digital Entertainment and Education (IDEE) is bringing Hollywood to campus Jan. 10.

Bruce Economou, Shawn Stoner and Jay Williams are coming to campus to discuss new media and its impact on the entertainment industry at 3 p.m. in Bracken Library, room 225.

Economou is CEO of Los Angeles-based Pine River Entertainment; Stoner is director of post-production for Los Angeles-based New Wave Entertainment and a Ball State alumnus; Williams is the former senior vice president for new media at Disney Studios, currently the director of content for Los Angeles-based Craig Murray Productions and a Ball State alumnus.

Together, they will present "New Media & Content: Their Place in Cinema, Television and on Web/Mobile Platforms," which is being presented by IDEE.

The panel will discuss the impact of new media on traditional storytelling industries, the emerging applications for storytelling and cinema skills for the Web and mobile platform products, and the future of the entertainment industry as it relates to new media.

"All three panelists have seen their various businesses - Walt Disney Studios, Sony Entertainment, the motion picture industry - impacted by changes in the marketplace caused by new media," said Rodger Smith, IDEE director. "By sharing their experiences, they will help us understand how new media is changing the entertainment industry."

IDEE is one of four immersive learning institutes in the university's Center for Media Design established by a $20 million Digital Exchange Grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. IDEE serves as a production house that brings artistic visions to life and provides Indiana filmmakers access to a proven infrastructure and talent pool of students. As well, IDEE facilitates educational immersion experiences and develops products that support educational initiatives.

The innovative partnership benefits theater and telecommunications students, who are able to showcase their award-winning talents to up-and-coming filmmakers while building professional and artistic relationships that will grow as the students and filmmakers progress in their careers.