March 12, 2018

Members of the General Assembly:

Today, you are poised to finalize legislation that creates an innovative solution to the challenges that our Muncie Community Schools are presently facing.

Rather than a temporary fix to a long-term problem, you are prepared to empower our great university to establish a comprehensive, community-based partnership that will provide exceptional educational experiences for all of Muncie’s children for many years to come. This legislation is a unique solution to a specific challenge in our community.

I am grateful that you will entrust us with this responsibility. We will mobilize the talent and expertise that permeates our campus — all of our faculty, staff, and students. And we will also catalyze and coordinate the investments of people and organizations throughout our proud and generous community.

I make this pledge to you: if you give our University this responsibility, we will honor that trust by working with every member of our local community—our dedicated teachers, our parents, our pastors, our business leaders, our foundations, and every person who will join with us in service to a single, common objective: to provide an outstanding education to every child in Muncie, Indiana. These children deserve nothing less than this unconditional and unwavering commitment.

Thank you.