"It will be a difficult balancing act as Ball State will be responsible for both the success of Muncie Community Schools and Ball State students, but from what I have seen from the university recently, I think it is an institution that is up to the task."—Ball State Alum

"As a Burris School 'lifer' and Ball State University graduate, I am excited for the future of Muncie Community Schools under the leadership of BSU. My education and experiences have shaped who I am and how I lead as an Indiana public school superintendent. The potential and possibilities are amazing! I think I need to return to Muncie!"—Indiana Public School Superintendent

"As an alumna, I just want to voice my support and think this is an amazing opportunity with Ball State is uniquely positioned to help the entire community of Muncie by taking on this level of responsibility. It is a great chance to show the power of such a relationship and I am hopeful this passes all the necessary channels so you can create the blueprint for a new strategy for improving academics during the important formative years. Keep on innovating and good luck!"—Ball State Alum

"What a wonderful opportunity for both MCS and Ball State University."—Ball State Alum and Retired Educator

"The potential and possibilities are amazing!"—Indiana educator

"It is a great chance to show the power of such a relationship and I am hopeful this passes."—Ball State Alum

"I am excited about the proposal and believe this partnership will be an extraordinary new beginning for MCS."—MCS and Ball State Alum

"As a parent in the Muncie Community Schools, I’ve been apprehensive about the future of our school system for nearly two years, and this proposal promises to finally offer us long term stability, I fully support this proposal."MCS Parent

"This is incredibly wonderful! We greatly appreciate Ball State’s leadership and willingness to step in and make a difference in the lives of children in our community."Business Leader

"This is fantastic!"Community Advocate

"This is a brilliant idea!"—Ball State Faculty Member

"Congratulations! This is great news. Thank you for thinking outside the box to bring a solution to the table."—Business Leader

"I admire you and the BSU Trustees for taking this bold step to improve the quality of education for the children of Muncie."—Former Muncie Teacher

"President Mearns, what a terrific opportunity this is to marry this great University with the city, Muncie families, teachers, and businesses leaders."—Alum

"Wow! This is huge! So glad my alma mater is stepping up to help Muncie Community Schools! Proud to be a two-time Cardinal grad!! #BSU"—Alum

"This is a tremendous undertaking. I'm proud of @BallState for taking initiative and trying to foster growth in the community."—Ball State Student

"@BallState @PresidentMearns Please, this will be good for both BSU & MCS. Support this bill in the legislature."—Community Member

"I am excited to see how this opportunity unfolds. I see landmark options for public education & I'm proud to be a BSU grad."—Alum