In July 2018, Ball State University and Muncie Community Schools embarked on a historic partnership to transform the district into a national model for innovative, holistic education.

Each year since, MCS and Ball State have come together to host an Academic Innovation Summit for the district’s more than 500 Muncie Community Schools employees, Ball State professors and community stakeholders.

National thought-leaders energize and engage participants between hands-on sessions that explore innovative strategies to support student success and community wellbeing. Summits also create space for meaningful conversations with and among MCS educators.

Outcomes from the summit continue to inform the Academic Innovation and Financial Viability Plan and MCS Strategic Plan. Both plans are a guide to transform MCS into a national model for innovative, holistic K-12 education. The summit — held each September — kicks off a year of ongoing professional development based on the pillars of the MCS Strategic Plan:

Pillar 1: High-Quality Pre-Kindergarten Education
Pillar 2: Recruitment, Development, and Retention of Educational Leaders
Pillar 3: Student-Centered Teaching and Learning
Pillar 4: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL); and Family and Community Engagement.

Previous Summits

2021: Placing Learners First Academic Innovation Summit Highlights

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2019: Dream. Inspire. Lead. Innovation Summit Highlights