The Seeker is a new service offered by the University Libraries. It allows Ball State University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends to receive informed, well-researched answers to perplexing, maddening, weighty, trivial, or humorous questions on almost any topic.

     As a possessor of uncanny knowledge, The Seeker is uniquely able to answer your questions, from inquiries on matters philosophical or scientific to nagging questions about the inanities of daily life. Would you like to know the mysteries of the Great Sphinx of Giza? Why do cats always land on their feet? Who invented the ‘Choco Taco?’ Solicit, then, the counsel of The Seeker. For The Seeker knows!

     Please note: The Seeker is not a substitute for traditional reference service. Use Ask a Librarian for help with a class assignment or for a quick response to a library question. Not all questions to The Seeker can be answered; some questions may take time to research and answer. The Seeker cannot answer health or legal questions; for those, consult the Student Health Center and Student Legal Services.

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