You can see the stars even when you're snowed in January, thanks to our membership in the Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy (SARA).

We joined SARA in the fall of 2005 to enhance our research opportunities and are the first university outside the American Southeast to join SARA.

Faculty and students have access to research-grade astronomy equipment such as a 1-meter telescope located at Kitt Peak National Observatory in southern Arizona. The telescope is equipped with CCD cameras and a variety of filters and is controlled over the Internet.

Kitt Peak has the world’s largest collection of optical telescopes and  is located high above the Sonoran Desert. The observatory staffers say they have "the finest night skies in the world."

You can observe the telescope through a secure Internet site, which allows you to remotely control the telescope and download images from digital cameras. That means you don't need to travel, and there are no more days wasted at the observatory because of inclement weather.