Topic: Administrative

January 5, 2015

Weather Closures and Delays

To help relay official information about potential weather-related campus closures and other significant schedule changes, Ball State has developed a website to complement other communication means. That website is the official source of information regarding any schedule changes on campus.

Whenever possible, the university will remain open and classes will be in session. In the past, the campus has closed when some or all power is compromised, or when heavy snow makes it impossible to keep parking lots and sidewalks reasonably clear. The campus usually remains open, however, even when area K-12 schools might close.


The university communicates information about class cancellation or campus closure through the following channels:

  • emergency text messaging: Subscribe now.
  • Twitter @ballstate_alert
  • e-mail to Ball State accounts
  • The university website (see link for specific page, above) is the official source for information about closures. It is updated regularly.
  • local media: The Star Press (, WBST-FM 92.1, WLBC-FM 104.1, and other radio stations
  • Indianapolis TV stations. Note: the amount of information publicized on TV stations is limited. The best place to get complete information is via university-controlled media, such as text messages, @ballstate_alert, e-mail, and

For communication between faculty and students about specific class sessions, Blackboard offers functionality for those enrolled to communicate with each other.

For Employees

Nonessential university operations are tabled when classes are suspended, so nonessential employees do not need to report to work during these times. When such decisions are made, the university also announces which service staff shifts should report near the end of a class suspension.

Essential personnel must report, as scheduled by their supervisor, even when classes are suspended or the campus is closed.