Ball State students are curious and passionate. Experience the stories of students and young alumni who've faced challenges head-on to prepare for bright futures. They learned about their disciplines, about collaboration, and about themselves.

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Chelsea Kardokus
'12, Journalism Graphics

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Kayleigh Mohler
'13, Political Science and Business Economics

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Alberto Pimienta
'12, Telecommunications and Journalism

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Rizzie Fisher
'13, Special Education and Elementary Education

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Katie Lozier
'12, Psychological Science

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Alex Kartman
'11, Telecommunications

Click to watch Ben's story
Ben Clark
'11, Musical Theatre

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Abby Shemoel
'11, Landscape Architecture

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Brody Bernheisel
'10, Telecommunications

Click to watch Ryan's story
Ryan Smith
'07, Journalism/Graphics

Click to watch Sarah's story
Sarah Conant
'09, Exercise Science

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Janet Kamiri
'10, Health Education