Have you ever wanted to take on a leadership role while building meaningful relationships with fellow students and working to make the Muncie and Ball State community a better place?

Program Coordinators (PCs) are the glue that holds Student Voluntary Services (SVS) together. PCs serve as the main point of contact for individual agency sites and Ball State volunteers. PCs are a critical link to the success of a positive volunteer experience while also serving in key roles in planning special volunteer events each semester. PCs serve on the SVS Coordinating Council while also having many opportunities to chair SVS committees.

Program Coordinators serve as the lead volunteer for a team of Ball State volunteers. PCs make sure their volunteer needs are met while also challenging their volunteers to reflect on their experiences. PCs record the volunteer hours in the SVS online database, and in most cases drive their volunteers to and from the community site. For more information, please take a look at the Program Coordinator manual.

Program Coordinators are required to volunteer each week, attend bimonthly training meetings, and participate in at least one SVS special event each semester.

Becoming a Program Coordinator is a great way to network within Ball State and the local community, gain personal leadership skills, and impact the lives of others through service, all while gaining a personal sense of empowerment for making a difference.

If you are interested in serving as a Program Coordinator, please complete the Program Coordinator application and submit to the SVS office.