Experience a college course with Early Start - a four-day, 1 credit hour workshop of your choice. Sponsored by University College, these dynamic workshops enable you to interact with other incoming freshmen as you explore various topics under the direction of our expert faculty.

To participate, complete the registration form below and either pay online or contact the Office of Student Life about other payment options. You will receive additional information once your registration and payment have been received. Payment and registration must be submitted by --date not yet determined--. Direct questions to Laura Pittman in Academic Advising, 765-285-1185.

Program Dates: Dates for Summer 2019 have not yet been selected. (Please note that four other Summer Bridge Programs - Accelerate, Cardinal Connections, Cardinal Leadership and Service Seminar, EXCEL - take place during the same dates as Early Start, so if you are registering for Early Start., you cannot register as a participant for Accelerate, Cardinal Connections, C.L.A.S.S., or EXCEL. Also, if you are participating in marching band, then you cannot register for Early Start since marching band practice interferes with the program.)

Program Fee (includes meals, lodging, activities): Program fee for August 2019 has yet to be determined.

Maximum Participation:  200 students

Registration: Registration for Early Start is not yet open. Check back in May 2019 for more information.

Early Start Itinerary for August 2018

Early Start Workshops for August 2018 included topics such as:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • Becoming a Master Student
  • Clueless?  A Workshop for Students Looking for a Major
  • College Prep 101: How to Plan and Prepare for the First Year
  • Criminal Justice in the News
  • How to Be a Better Ally & Advocate
  • Journalism Jumpstart
  • POWER into Match
  • Television News
  • What Do You See? An Introduction to the Elements of Visual Design

Workshops for August 2019 have not yet been determined.