Check out the services below and see which can benefit your group. You may be surprised at the variety of services BSU has to offer!

Copying Services

Student organizations can have copies made at the Cardinal Copy Center located in RB160.  Payment for copies can be made with cash, debit card, or charged to the organization’s University account.

Financial Services

Student organizations may hold a University account for financial transactions. For more detailed information, refer to the Financial Accounts and Information Section of the Student Organization Handbook.


Student organizations can send large quantities of mail at the bulk rate through Central Mailing, as long as the organization has a university fund. For more information, contact Student Life, 765-285-2621. All organizations are required to have an on-campus mailing address. If your organization is interested in obtaining a student organization mailbox (free of charge) located in the Student Center, email and one will be assigned to your group. Organizations are required to empty their assigned mailbox once a week since space is limited.

Organization Email and Web Space

Student organizations may obtain a Ball State email account by completing a Student Organization Username Request Form found on the Student Organization FAQs page.

Publish Organization Sponsored Events on the Communications Center

Student organizations can submit event information on-line via Benny Link.