Student Organization Use of Campus Facilities Student organizations may reserve space in many University facilities free of rental charges, with priority access determined based on the primary usage purpose of the facility and the needs of various constituents that utilize the facility regularly. Note: Additional charges may be incurred for events that require setup, extra staffing, weekend use of facilities, security, audio visual services and if admission is charged or tickets or merchandise are sold.

Making a Reservation
The Student Center Reservations Office handles reservation requests for student organizations. You can begin the reservation process by submitting a request online. There are online forms for:

You can also stop by the Student Center Reservations Office at Student Center 224, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or call 765-285-1850.  It is a good idea to reserve space as soon as possible, since some facilities are requested frequently and book quickly. Reservations for any major activity on campus must be made at least one month in advance.  To reserve space, the following information is required:

  • Date of the event
  • Time of the event
  • Day of week of the event
  • Set-up desired
  • Number of people expected to attend
  • Room preferred
  • Admission charge (if any)
  • Nature of the event (speaker, educational workshop, etc.)
  • Decoration plans must be reviewed at the time of reservation. (Note: Because of Indiana State Fire Regulations, candles and any open flames are not to be used as decorations in campus buildings).

Guidelines By Location

Academic Buildings, Classrooms and Concourses (Atrium, AJ Concourse, Whitinger Business Concourse, Teacher’s College Concourse, LaFollette Concourse)

Emens Auditorium John R. Emens College Community Auditorium, a full theatrical venue, seats 3,309, with 2,266 seats on the main floor and 1,043 in the balcony. This venue is appropriate for large-scale events (including concerts, popular speakers, etc.), calendar permitting. There are fees associated with the use of Emens, depending on the nature of the organization, the purpose of the event, etc.Student Center Reservations will coordinate your reservation request with Emens Auditorium facility staff. After you receive a verification of the reservation and estimate of expenses from Emens Auditorium staff, you will submit a requisition for the use of the Auditorium, and give a non-refundable deposit of twenty-five percent (25%) of the rental charges.

Pruis Hall Pruis Hall is a fixed seat open auditorium offering a capacity of 600 seats. Student Center Reservations will coordinate your reservation request with Pruis Hall facility staff, who will confirm your reservation and technical needs with you.

Recreation Center, Athletic Facilities and Outdoor Spaces (Ball Gym, Student Recreation Center, Field Sports Building, Worthen Arena, the Quad, LaFollette Field, University Green, tennis courts)

  • You can submit your request for recreation facilities online by visiting the Recreation Center website.
  • Student Recreation Center staff will confirm your reservation and all logistical needs directly with you. Student organization reservation requests are accepted at any time, however specific facility users (non-student organizations) receive priority scheduling until October 1 of each academic year.
  • In certain situations, student organizations will be charged for the use of facilities. Check with the Student Center Reservations Office for a list of facilities and circumstances that apply.

Residence Hall Lobbies and Lounges

  • Residence hall lobbies and lounges are reserved for residence hall students' use only.
  • Student organizations may not reserve or meet in any residence hall lobby or lounge, nor may a resident of a residence hall reserve or meet in their hall lobby or lounge for the specific purpose of supporting a student organization.All lobby or lounge programs or meetings must be sponsored by Housing and Residence Life staff (Resident Assistants, Multicultural Advisors, Academic Peer Mentors) or hall councils that are supervised and operated by Housing and Residence Life employees or hall council members.
  • All lobby and lounge reservations must be requested and approved by the residence hall director.

Scramble Light – Sidewalks adjacent to public streets are public property and usable by anyone, so access to the Scramble Light area, at the intersection of McKinley and Riverside Avenues, may not be restricted to any person or group.For this reason, reservations are not required to make use of the Scramble Light. However, student organizations may request permission to set up a table at the Scramble Light by completing the reservation request process. Completing this form also lets us inform other student groups of who is intending to use the area on any particular day. We request that student organizations do not exceed a maximum of three days at the Scramble Light in one week.

Student Center

  • The Student Center offers a variety of meeting and event rooms with capacities of 10-500. The Student Center reserves the right to assign space within the Student Center based on needs, rather than preference, or to move groups from previously assigned space, if necessary, to accommodate other requests.
  • No-show policy: After one (1) no-show, the group will receive a written warning that states failure to cancel reservations at least 48 hours in advance may lead to charges for the rental equal to 50% of the normal rate and/or loss of scheduling privileges. After two (2) no-shows, the group will receive a second written warning. After three (3) no-shows, the group will be notified in writing that they owe a rental fee and/or have lost their scheduling privileges.
  • Reservations must be completed at least seven (7) working days in advance for a regular meeting, and up to a month for a large event or program. After this time, set-ups cannot be guaranteed. Changes in your requests must also be made at least two (2) working days in advance. For weekend events: requests requiring set-up will be accepted until noon on the Thursday before the event. Requests not requiring set-up will be accepted until noon on the Friday before the event. Requests for events held on Mondays will be taken until 3:00 p.m. the preceeding Friday.
  • Failure to comply with guidelines outlined in the Student Center Policy Manual and/or by Student Center staff may result in action by the staff to deny privileges and/or assess appropriate charges.