Diversity engagement is about connecting the pieces - the pieces of our lives. Every person has a story. Our stories are unique, powerful, shaped by past experiences and driven by current challenges. As a result, the office of Student Life is committed to celebrating diversity by bringing together the Ball State community to learn more about themselves and others as multicultural beings.

It is the goal of our office to help students: (1) Construct meaning from ideas and concepts related to diversity, social justice, and inclusion; (2) Explore unique human experiences that make up the human experience; (3) Understand the intersection of socially and culturally constructed identities based on race, ethnicity, gender/gender expression, sexuality, class, age, ability, and religion; (4) Develop ways to build an inclusive community at Ball State; (5) Appreciate cultural differences; and (6) Engage in cultural, social, and educational programming opportunities.

Engage with the diversity and cultural programs sponsored by the Multicultural Organizations and MOSAIC.