We know that leaving home and starting life in college is a challenging transition. We want to help students ease their transition to Ball State University.

EXCEL is a three-day summer program for new Ball State students. EXCEL features workshops to expose students to common aspects of daily college life. We challenge participants to learn techniques that will help them focus on their academic and social development.

The program is an opportunity to make new friends and get firsthand experience of college life before classes start. You will be paired with a mentor who is a returning student with proven academic and social skills. Your mentor will help guide you through the social and academic aspects of Ball State.

Once you have been admitted to Ball State, you will receive an invitation to our Summer Bridge programs, of which EXCEL is one. we encourage you to consider EXCEL if you are looking for a fun way to start college life.

In addition to making new friends, EXCEL will give you the opportunity to:    

  • Connect with an upper class mentor and other students 
  • Engage in developmental workshops and interactive activities throughout the fall semester 
  • Experience living in the residence halls
  • Take a one credit hour leadership course through Excellence In Leadership

Learn more about how to sign up and feel free to check our testimonials page about EXCEL.