Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about the Bias Response Team.

What is the Bias Response Team? The Bias Response Team includes representatives from several areas in the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services and Ball State faculty. The team, which is based in the Multicultural Center, offers a supportive process you can use to report incidents involving bias. It is critically important that you report incidents of bias so we can begin a broad range of initiatives that focus on the specific incident as well as broader educational programs and activities that promote an inclusive community.

What happens when I submit an online report form? The Bias Response Team will review the report and contact you to set up a time to meet with one of the members. During the meeting, team members will review the information you provided and work with you to determine the next steps in the process.

If I file a report online, will you automatically share it with University Police? No, not all incidents are criminal in nature. If the Bias Response Team has questions about whether the incident is criminal or not, the team may ask the University Police to review it and determine if further action by the police is warranted.

Will you automatically share my report with the Office of Student Rights and Community Standards? 
No, but that might be an option for you and the team member to discuss as part of your action plan to resolve the incident.

What happens if I am listed as an alleged offender in a bias incident? The student who filed the report will work with the Bias Response Team to determine whether to pursue a formal complaint through the university’s existing disciplinary procedures. If so, someone may contact you as an alleged offender to discuss the incident.

What happens to the Bias Reporting Form after the process is complete? The Multicultural Center will keep general and statistical information about the incident for inclusion in its annual report. We record the date, type, location, and nature of the incident and how it was resolved. We shred the original report.

Does the Bias Response Team respond to off-campus incidents? Yes, our authority and expectations for student conduct extend beyond the geographic boundaries of campus and include all students, regardless of where they live. We can and do pursue disciplinary action against students for behavior that is not consistent with the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

What other policies protect individuals? 
Please review these resources: