Appreciating and Promoting Cultural Diversity

As students call it, the "Multi" engages around different identities and backgrounds such as gender, race, and ethnicity to discuss as well as educate about socio-racial and cultural issues. The Multi is also a place to receive guidance from staff, connect with peers, hold meetings, or study.

Our Mission

The Multicultural Center supports and advances the university's commitment to cultural diversity by:

  • Serving as a resource for the recruitment, retention and enrichment of students of color
  • Promoting multicultural understanding through opportunities for cross-cultural connections
  • Sustaining an inclusive environment for a diverse student population
  • Provide programs and services addressing the co-curricular needs of all students
  • Celebrate the historical contributions of diverse groups

About the Center

Our purpose is twofold, not only do we seek to help students of color on campus, we also assist in educating the campus community on diversity. We want all students, regardless of background, to utilize and enjoy the services and resources we provide.

The center also serves as a hub for students to gather and hang out, get papers done in the computer lab, or do research in the Malcolm X Library.

We serve as the point of contact for the EXCEL summer bridge program. We invite incoming students of color and first-generation college students to come to campus and be paired with a mentor who will help them navigate their way through Ball State and make the transition to college.

History of the Multicultural Center

  • Founded in the early 1970's as the Special Programs House
    • This was done to respond to the requests of African-American students who wanted a place of solidarity and support on campus
  • The first Achievement Awards ceremony was held in 1987 to recognize the accomplishments made by faculty, staff, and students to promote and celebrate multiculturalism
  • Established the EXCEL mentor program in 1996


If you have questions, feel free to contact us via email at or by phone at 765-285-1344.