Our room repair website allows students to quickly and easily report non-emergency maintenance problems at any time of the day. This system also allows students to check the status of their request online and receive emails when the status has been changed. If the request is an emergency (i.e. flood, serious injury scene) please contact your residence hall's desk or Residential Learning Coordinator. 

Important: If you have disabled the pop-up window on your Internet browser, you will need to enable this feature to use the software.



Types of Repairs to Request

You may submit any type of request. However, some requests should not be entered into the online system due to short timelines or approvals required. These may include:

  • Nonemergency but pressing requests (ones that need attention the same day) – Call 765-285-8000 during normal business hours. After hours, during weekends or holidays, contact your hall desk or Residential Learning Coordinator.
  • Emergencies (fires, major floods, accident scenes, crimes in progress, broken glass, broken door handles, overflowing toilets or sinks, etc.) –Contact your hall desk or residence hall director.
  • Lost keys or ID cards – Contact your hall desk or residence hall director.
  • Card-access issues – Contact your hall desk or residence hall director.
  • Laundry equipment (washers or dryers not working) – Submit a request via the QR codes located on the machines. After hours, during weekends or holidays, contact your hall desk or residence hall director.
  • Vending machines (empty or lost money) – Contact your hall desk or residence hall director.

How to Submit a Room Repair Request

Follow these steps to tell us what needs to be repaired in your residence hall room:

  1. Visit our room repair website. A pop-up box will appear – If you have disabled pop-up boxes on your browser, you will need to allow pop-ups for this application to work properly.
  2. Complete the required fields. You must select the complex, hall, and room number for the room that needs repair. Make sure to enter your cell phone and Ball State email address, as well as details about your room repair. You must also provide a date and time your room will be vacant. You also can upload a video or photo of the concern. These details will help us serve you better and faster. 
  3. Click the "save" icon at the top of the form to send your work order.
  4. For information on how to submit a repair request, watch this video.

If you live at University Apartments, please submit a direct request to their repair center.

How to Cancel or Change a Request

If there is a change (non-emergency) to your room repair request, contact our office at 765-285-8000 during normal business hours. If the change requires immediate attention, please contact your hall desk or residence hall director.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next, your request will be reviewed and converted into a work order, then assigned to one of our mechanics, custodians, or technicians, depending on the specific issue. If the problem is not an emergency, our goal is to complete the work order within two business days.

Please make sure that the area that needs to be repaired is accessible to our staff. For example, if you requested service on your heater, please make sure nothing is stacked in front of the unit. If there are personal items that keep maintenance workers from getting to the area, your work order may be delayed.

Yes. In order to decrease the time that it takes to respond to your problem, maintenance workers may need to enter your room or apartment when you are not at home. However, when you return, you should find a service tag hanging from your door to let you know that workers were in your room to make repairs.

If you live in University Apartments and indicate on the room repair web in the text box that you want to be home when the work is completed then someone from the University Apartments office will contact you to set up an appointment time. However, please be aware that if your repair issue is an emergency, this may not be possible.