If you’ve been following the news lately, you know that in several states there have been reports of bedbug infestations in the hospitality industry, schools, and businesses. While bedbugs do not carry disease, their bites can be irritating and their presence disconcerting.

Because bedbugs appear to be more common, we want your help to prevent them. It is important that we all work to prevent an infestation of our campus and homes. Students and staff are encouraged to take precautions when traveling or visiting friends and use these guidelines: 

  • Be watchful of where you leave your bookbag or purse when visiting friends. Bedbugs can be great “hitchhikers” and can come home with you. Leave bags closed and off the floor.
  • When traveling and staying at a friend’s house or hotel, look for signs of bedbugs. Signs can be found in the bedding, along mattress seams, behind bed headboards, inside cracks and crevices of wood, synthetic, and upholstered furniture, and in electronic devices like computers and televisions.
  • Avoid bringing second-hand or used furniture into the residence halls. Bedbugs and their eggs can easily hide in the crevices of furniture. A used recliner may harbor a potential infestation for you and your neighbors. 
  • Bedbugs are easily visible to the naked eye and resemble an apple seed in size before feeding. Recognize the difference between a bedbug and other insects, like pirate bugs, that are more prevalent lately and much smaller in size.     
  • If you suspect that you have bedbugs, prompt reporting is critical. Please do not try to treat this yourself, and leave their control to trained professionals. Tell your hall director immediately about your suspicion and remove no articles from your room. Trained professionals are available at Ball State to help you deal with this problem.
  • If you believe you have been bit, our Health Center professionals can assist you with medical treatment to relieve symptoms.