If you are planning on returning to the residence halls next year, please follow the steps below in order to secure your room and roommate.
Step 1 - Sign your Contract

Sign Your Contract: January 23 - February 23 

  1. Select and sign a contract
    *If you are finishing your first year of a Premium Plan, move to the next item

  2. Request your benefit (Premium Plan only):

- Choice of stadium parking pass (based on availability)

- $80 Dining Plus

       3. Select a meal plan (more information at bsu.edu/dining)

       4. Complete and submit your contract



Step 1: Sign Your Contract

Renew Your Bed: January 19 - January 29 

  • If you know you want to live in the SAME bed space you currently live, then be sure to log in to www.bsu.edu/housing/apply and complete your contract/renewal process between January 19-29.
  • If you do not wish to live in the current bed space you are living then DO NOT login and renew.
  • If your current space is not renewed by January 29 at 5 PM, the space will be available during search/swap for others to reserve. There is no flexibility with this process: if you fail to renew your bed space for 2021-22, then you will need to log in during your timeslot (which will be emailed to you) to search/swap for an available bed space on campus.

Double as singles ALLOWED to be renewed: Howick/Williams, Elliott, Woodworth, Stu West

Double as singles NOT ALLOWED to be renewed: Botswin, Schmidt/Wilson, North, Baker/Klipple, Park, Deho, Stu East, Kinghorn


Step 2: Renew Your Bed 

Roommate Selection: February 1 - February 5

  • This step is critical to prepare for Search/Swap – if you know who you want as a roommate, you two must log in, create a group leader, request a roommate and that person needs to log in and accept the request during this timeframe.
    • Once you're verified roommates you will both have the ability to quickly “pull” the verified roommate into a 2nd bed space in the desired room during search/swap.
  • If you choose to go with a random roommate during Search/Swap (and not verify with someone), you will only be able to select a bed space in halls where there is currently only 1 occupant in the other space (i.e. if you are not verified with a roommate you cannot sign-up for a completely vacant double room (2 spaces), you can only sign-up for rooms that have one other person committed to that space).
  • To select a roommate, login at www.bsu.edu/housing/apply and request a roommate. The requested roommate then needs to log in and either confirm or deny the request. You are not verified until you both log in to take action
  • Please note, roommates can be requested until 5/31/21; however, this Feb. 1-5th time period will allow you to 'pull in' verified roommates into specific bed spaces. If you verify a roommate AFTER the returner portal closes (Feb. 26th), we cannot guarantee you and your roommate will be in the specific room you chose in a hall, as someone else could've placed themselves in the 2nd bed space during the timeslot.

Search and Swap: February 9 - February 26

  • By Feb. 8, All students will receive an email with their Search/Swap timeslot.
  • Timeslots are assigned based on housing deposit dates.
  • Timeslots will be viewable at www.bsu.edu/housing/apply after they are emailed.
  • You will only be able to search/swap for the number of bed spaces available in the room specific to your path (for example, if you did not verify a roommate, you will only see available spaces on-campus that have 1 space available, whether that be single rooms or double rooms with one person occupying the 2nd space. Alternatively, if you do have a verified roommate, you will only be able to select a room with 2 vacant bed spaces)
  • Once a space is selected you will also have the opportunity to add yourself to a waitlist. Waitlists are reviewed and offers are made from March through August as spaces become available.

After Returner Sign-Up, you will receive an email confirmation with your housing assignment for 2021-22


Step 4: Search and Swap