Updated May 22, 2020

Our staff values face-to-face interaction, but the spread of COVID-19 was declared a disaster emergency in Delaware County on March 20, 2020. Effective March 23, 2020, we have closed our offices but not our services.

You can call us: 765-285-8000 or email us: housing@bsu.edu for all of your housing needs.

Learn more about what the University is doing to respond to COVID-19 at bsu.edu/coronavirus. We can all do our part to stop the spread of this virus and save lives. Take care of yourself, and we look forward to serving you again in person as soon as possible.

2020-21 Academic Year Changes

Due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, our office is adjusting the contract cancellation  deadline and the Premium Plan cancellation  penalty for this upcoming academic year. 

The two changes include:

  1. The cancellation deadline has been moved from May 31, 2020 to July 1, 2020. This provides students with additional time to make a decision on their living arrangements. If you cancel, your housing deposit will be refunded.
  2. If you are in year two of your Premium Plan, you may cancel the plan and pay a reduced penalty of $180 instead of the standard $2,500 penalty. The $180 penalty is equal to the Premium Plan perks received in the first year of the Premium Plan.

These changes only apply to students who cancel their contract between March 29 and July 1. 

If you do not cancel your room before July, our regular terms and conditions apply including the premium plan cancellation  penalty (more details can be found here (select the 'Housing Procedures' tab, then 'Contract Terms,' then 'Academic Year Contract' - see line item 6 & 7). 

2019-20 Academic Year Changes

In light of the Governor’s Order, students in the residence hall vacated their rooms on March 24, unless you have already obtained approval to remain in a residence hall. 

Below please see Ball State’s University’s guidance for our residence hall students:

1. Our residence hall check-out process is complete if your belongings are removed from your room and your key has been turned into the front desk. 

  • If you left personal items in your room, please make arrangements to move those items out with our office by emailing housing@bsu.edu.
  • If have already left campus and took your room key(s) with you, please mail it back to our offices with your name, hall, and room number. The mail should be addressed to: Office of Housing and Residence Life 1525 North McKinley, Muncie, IN 47306 in a heavy duty mailing package (to avoid losing the key during transit). This will complete your residence hall check out process. You will receive an email verifying that your key(s) has been received and processed (this process could take 2-3 weeks).

In light of this public health crisis, our University will waive the standard contract cancellation provisions in our housing contract. Instead, students will receive a credit that will be applied to their bursar account in the  appropriate pro-rated amount for academic year 2020-2021. This credit is subject to applicable federal financial aid regulations. No room and board charges will be assessed after March 29 unless a student is granted permission to stay beyond that date.

We regret that our semester has come to such an abrupt end. We thank you and your families for your patience and understanding as we honor our commitment to you, the staff, and maintaining the residential facilities that have been your home.


We will waive the standard provisions in our housing contract. Students will receive a credit to their bursar accounts in the appropriate pro-rata amount, subject to applicable federal financial aid regulations. No room and board charges will be assessed after March 29 unless a student is granted permission to stay beyond that date.

A credit will be applied to all on-campus residence hall students for the last 4 weeks of the semester. This credit is applied to their Bursar bill.

The credit will be applied to the next academic year's housing contract. If you do not have a 2020-21 housing contract, the credit will be applied to your tuition and fees.

These updated policies do not impact our University Apartments. All University Apartments residents will follow the terms laid out in their lease agreement.

Students may use their meal plans until 10:00 p.m. on March 24. Students who move out of the halls will not have a meal plan after March 24 because they will be receiving a credit or the remaining balance of the room and board plan. Students who are granted an exception to remain in the halls after 10:00 p.m. on March 24 will continue to have their current meal plan.

Remaining Dining Plus and Dining Cash will be prorated and part of the credit sent to the bursar account.
Dining locations will be closed for dine-in, but will only be open for carry-out meals. For exact location information and hours, please visit Dining website.
Student who remain on campus after March 24 will be consolidated into Studebaker East in a single room.
Yes. Individuals with an early May contract can move to the apartments early. Students will just need to contact the University Apartment Office for this transfer process.

Purchasing Services will be going out to campus to tag bicycles left on campus on April 3. The date on the tags will state that students, faculty and staff will have until April 9, 2020 before they will start the removal process. If the bike is not removed, Purchasing Service will remove the bike.

All mail from the USPS will be forward to the student's forwarding address on Banner. Please make sure to adjust this address to where you would like the mail forwarded.

Shipments to other shipping services such as UPS and FedEx will be returned to the sender. Please also make these updates on your online shopping sites.

You are responsible for updating your address with USPS and other mail providers. 

Please return your bike locker with your room key(s) at the front desk.

If you have already left campus and are unable to return before the move-out date, you need to email housing@bsu.edu and we will work with you on a case by case basis.

The Office of Housing and Residence Life at 765-285-8000 or housing@bsu.edu.